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Date: 2008-11-01 18:14
Subject: Ah, autumn's in the air...
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And with it comes the sound of [info]smallfandomfest gearing up for another round.

Small Fandom Fest the Fourth: Prompt Submission

It's November 1st, which means it's time to welcome you all to our fourth Small Fandoms Fest! It also means that it’s time to submit those prompts! (We are starting from scratch with the prompt list, but if your prompt from last round wasn’t written, or you saw one that interested you but didn’t have time to write it, please feel free to resubmit it!)

Please read the rules below (especially those regarding the format of the prompts!) and then comment here with your prompts. Most importantly, have fun!

Fest Schedule

Nov 1 - Nov 21: Prompt Submissions
Nov 23: Prompts Available for Claiming & Posting Period Opens
Nov 23 - Jan 31: Posting Period
Jan 31: Posting Period Closes

(Click here to leave prompts for the fest)

All you Riptide fen out there, this is one of your best chances to shine, and to share prompts with one another.

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