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Date: 2008-10-20 12:17
Subject: Meme Time--Stories Meme
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Because I'm a total ditzburger today and not getting *near* enough work done, I'm gonna just go for the toe-shot and do a story meme. ::facepalm::

ETA: Unlocked because it's fannish in content. I feel really weird talking about my writing like this in public--because I feel like I'm dictating my opinions about my writing to other people. So just remember, I do not believe in any sort of authorial privilege and I don't think I have any greater insight into my stories than anyone else does. Hell, I think I often have less.

gakked from [info]fluterbev:

1. What do you think is your best story, and why?

I have two stories that I think are really, *really* good: Duty, Honour and Loyalty in the Holmes/Watson fandom was one of my earliest stories and is still one of my favorites. I love the way the story unfolds through the letters and journal entries. There's definitely stuff I'd like to fix, but I'm really proud of it.

Aguas Profundas (TS), my only gen story of any note, is quite possibly the best thing I've ever written. It's exactly what I wanted it to be. When I look back over it there's nothing that I would change about it. And it's the only story of mine I can say that about, I think.

2. What do you think is your worst story, and why?

I'm going to run with part of Fluterbev's answer here: "Believe it or not this is a tough one to answer, because I can see so many flaws in so many of my stories."

There are some that totally stink on ice(and I'm not going to give links, you'll just have to find them on your own): Most of my Kirk/Spock (except Mindtouch, which is sort of okay) and the TS stories Finally Right and A Clean, Dry Wind. Those are all rotten. Not coincidentally they're my earliest stories.

In my more recent stories, where I feel like I oughtn't to be stinking quite so badly, I'm really not at all happy with Sheep Mountain (Mag 7), which didn't work out the way I wanted it to. The Big Riptide Story, Pull of the Tide, is over-long and over-blown. A Glimpse (Mag 7) doesn't hang together, IMO--the beginning is the start of a much better and richer story than it actually turns out to be so the reading experience is a slow, ongoing disappointment.

3. Which story did you enjoy writing the most, regardless of how well the end product has turned out?

Oh, I adore writing in the Mag 7 Yellowstone AU, for obvious reasons. Sepulcher Mountain was so much fun to write and though I can see some real flaws in it (mostly in the sex scene, which I just plain don't like, and in the last five paragraphs or so, which are icky), I think it came out well. It's *so* much fun working with [info]farad.

For all that I wangsted and wibbled about it, Aguas Profundas was a tremendous experience to write because the whole process was so *visceral*. That's my blood and my bone in that story. I'd been thinking about the core concept of that story (the very very fine line between shamanism and psychosis) and trying off and on to write it for close to five years. My skills as a writer had to develop to the point where I could make the story work the way I wanted it to, and being able to finally pull it off was tremendous.

4. Which story did you enjoy writing the least?

Hmmm...well, wow. I know that there were some stories that were really hard to write--Pull of the Tide was one because it kept not gelling and just going on and on and yet every word was a fight. But I love the writing process so much, I can't really think of any that I specifically remember not enjoying.

5. Which story has been the most popular? (you could measure this in amount of feedback, recs, awards etc)

Alas, that would be 65 Photographs (TS), which is another one I think is kind of over-blown. I like what I did with the photos themselves, but the frame story is an over-the-top angstfest that makes me wince to think about. Whenever people comment on 65 Photos, I want to point them to Aguas or Doppio Con Panna or even Scars as a better example of my Sentinel writing.

Sepulcher Mountain has also been very popular. I'm MUCH happier with that than with the popularity of 65 Photographs, delighted really, but I am a little embarrassed by the flaws I mentioned above. At least I don't want to tell folks to read something else instead. :D

6. Which one is the least popular?

Well, the really stinky stuff (see question 2) has mercifully disappeared into dusty archives, hopefully never to be read again. There are a couple that I wish I could dust off though.

Scars (TS) pretty much sank without a trace. It was one of my first few stories and there's no reason why anyone would have read it. Scars is a conceptual precursor to Aguas, one of my first attempts at approaching the concept, and one of the few attempts that wasn't a *total* failure.

I got some feedback on A Drunkard's Dream (Mag 7) when I posted it, but it doesn't seem to be one of the ones that folks *remember*, and I think that's a bit of a shame.

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