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Date: 2008-04-08 08:06
Subject: LMFA 2008 Nominations Reminder
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---Please forward to all interested lists, blogs, LiveJournals, etc.---

Nominations for the 2008 Light My Fire Awards are now open.

It's easy to nominate a story and you can nominate as many as you want in each category, so if you've just read something you really loved, be sure and nominate it!

To do so, go here:

Nominations run through July 15, 2008.

If you have any questions or comments for us you can contact us at We also have a LiveJournal community, [info]lmfawards, for announcements and questions. Feel free to look for us there.

The Light My Fire Awards:
Honoring Excellence in Online Sentinel Fanfiction
~ Read ~ Enjoy ~ Vote ~

LMFA Committee

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