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Date: 2008-01-27 15:56
Subject: Recommendation: U2 3D IMAX Movie
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Go here and watch this preview.

You've watched it?


The movie itself, on the *huge* IMAX screen and in 3D that will blow your goddamned mind, makes that look like a trailer for an episode of the Teletubbies.

I am not, I admit freely, a U2 fan (I like songs not bands, in general). Or, at least, I wasn't until I saw this movie. But now, oh, yeah...

I also admit freely that I've really never gotten the whole sex appeal of the Rock Gods thing. I can't imagine throwing my shirt at Mick Jagger no matter how much of a contact high I'd picked up.

That said, I was ready to absolutely lay down at Bono's feet while I was watching this. Lick the sweat off his neck, hold his hand while he was singing, and let him lead me into the Promised Land. Damn!! The Edge was hot; the bass player (whose name I don't know, as I said I'm not a fan) was gorgeous; the drummer isn't *hot* exactly but I'll cop to whimpering when he'd gotten warmed up and unzipped his shirt just a hair (nothing flashy or deliberately sexy) and showed just a sliver of toned chest. But Bono, woof!! There's no individual part of him (except his ass) that's all that pretty, but the total effect had me weak at the knees.

And the movie itself...seriously *woah*!! The 3D was just amazing--Bono looked like he was close enough to touch. Close enough to lick that sweat off his neck. The visuals blew me away--I kept getting distracted by just how fantastic it *looked*, the way they layered the images over each other, the transitions from one shot to the next, the use of color and texture. Not just the 3D, though it contributed, but the way they'd use larger images screened over smaller ones was just gorgeous. So I'd watch that for a while and make mental notes ("I could get that effect, who knew it would be so freaking amazing?"). And then I'd get sucked back into the music, and the band, and the whole experience.

And the message of the band's music is definitely something I can sing to. After the show, EE and her hubby and I were talking about how Bono has the charisma to take over the world, or make a fair stab at it. And I realized that the world would quite likely be a better place if he did.

I definitely need to get more of their music.

It was like going to a concert, only in some ways *better*. Because there's no way you could get this kind of view of the performers, of the crowd, of the whole *experience*, even if you paid through the nose for floor tickets. No way to feel that *close* to the band. Sometimes I worry that movies are similar to real life, but better--so that reality looks like a rather shabby imitation of itself (a subject for another post someday). But in this case, I revel in it. There's not enough money in the world to get me into a soccer stadium filled with approximately half the population of the universe throwing drinks and sweating and taking their shirts off, pressed in shoulder to shoulder, thigh to thigh. But I could get a very good facsimile of that experience, without the soda in my hair, at this movie.

As far as I can tell tickets to the show cost whatever normal tickets at the IMAX theater of your choice cost. In our case, it was $13 and I would have felt like I got a bargain at twice that. I will be going back, alone or in company, when it starts at the IMAX theater near here (in mid February). (For more information about the movie and show times, go to the official U2 3D site).

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elmyraemilie: Dragon tat
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Date: 2008-01-27 21:19 (UTC)
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What she said. Yep.

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