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Date: 2008-01-24 11:45
Subject: NCIS Fic Rec
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OMG [info]janedavitt just posted this fic and it's hot hot hot!! Gibbs/DiNozzo, because I can't really imagine reading anything else (well, okay, maybe Abby/McGee).

It's called Kill Me With Kindness.

It's utterly NC-17, in a totally delicious way. Gibbs is just so wonderfully *Gibbs* in it, and Tony...ah, I love Tony. I can *relate* to Tony in this story.

It's even got my kind of kink (with the right Dom, D/s doesn't require *props*) and is ever so yummy. (Which isn't to say that the props are a *bad* thing. But for Gibbs...I think they'd distract rather than adding.)

Seriously, if you have even an inkling of an interest in NCIS fic go read it. Once again that's Kill Me With Kindness, by [info]janedavitt.

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