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Date: 2007-10-26 08:38
Subject: NCIS!!
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I'm trying to figure out if I can blame [info]spikedluv for getting me into another fandom. :D

I mean, okay, it was [info]elmyraemilie who showed me my first episodes of NCIS (Thank you!!), but Spikedluv told me that I really needed to pay more attention to Tony DiNozzo and not get put off by his juvenile antics (thank you, too!!)

Because yeah, having watched the first couple of episodes, I can see what you mean about him, hon. Seeing the beginning of Tony's interactions with Kate makes a big difference. And he really does want respect him. And he's got a lot of insecurity going (which always endears people to me for some reason). So I'm falling in love with him, for his personality not just his gorgeous mouth (which OMG I want to kiss until I can't breathe). And I'm deeply in lust with Gibbs. And I want to have Abby's children and let Ducky bounce them on his knee.

It's not bad having a new fandom, right?

I started reading fic. And I need more recs, yes, please?? Lots and lots of recs.

I have one to share, though probably everyone's seen this story because it's not new.

Words, by Nix. Gibbs/DiNozzo (I suspect everything I read in this fandom will be, I am *so* OTPish), kinky but not particularly so. I mean, okay, there's a kink there but it's not a kinky kink so to speak. I mean, look, I have a kissing kink and a good kiss story can really get me going, but that's not going to get to someone who likes "kink". This is like that. Sort of. Anyway, DiNozzo in this story is so...Jesus, so much like me. Except I never had anyone who ..., erm, never mind. Just read it, it's good.

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