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Date: 2007-10-04 21:54
Subject: Two Ficlet Recs
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[info]arouette has written "213 Things Murray Bozinsky Is No Longer Allowed To Do On The Riptide" which will amuse the heck out of even the most casual Riptide fan. Seriously. Go read it here. Even if you're not a Riptide fan you'll probably be amused.

[info]sassyinkpen has written Barkeep, a wonderful little day in the life Mag7 ficlet set in the Yellowstone AU (and how squeeful am I to see other people writing in that AU?? Veryveryvery!!). Her Ezra is just fantastically spot on and I adore Chris and Vin. And I may have to go get pineapple juice and limes so I can make a Singapore Sling. Go read this one here. Now.

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