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Date: 2007-08-29 15:16
Subject: Magnificent Seven Fic Rec
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I haven't had much time for reading fic lately, what with Real Life Running Rampant around here, but I did sneak a chance yesterday to read a new story that just posted at Blackraptor Adult.

It's called "Not the First Time" by ELG. It's Chris/Vin, Old West. No Vin-speak, [info]spikedluv--well, maybe just a tiny bit, but not much and there's not a lot of dialogue. Hot as blazes, but with some absolutely gorgeous and wonderful angst as well. All Vin POV. This is the kind of story that really gives meaning to the phrase "erotic character study"--it all takes place during a sex scene, but it's *not* a PWP, in my opinion.

I'm not giving a link because I don't want to alienate Nancy at BR. It just posted yesterday so it's at the top of the New Stories list on the front page. If you don't have the URL to Blackraptor Adult, you can get it by following the instructions here.

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