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Date: 2007-08-17 21:34
Subject: September Smut Meme!
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Got this from wonderful [info]elmyraemilie. And since I'm deeply in favor of increasing the store of smut in the world, I'm passing it along.

So [info]witchdragon was commenting on a nice bit of slashy smut over at [info]florida_minxie's IJ, and then made the suggestion that, since many people seem to be having some writing blocks recently, we should all post a bit of smut, kink, porn or other dirty story here at IJ on September 1. I'm all for that. There do not seem to be any rules, and I think that's the point--just post something. Write a little bit and put it up where people can pet you for writing it, and let's get those Muses to work again. Nothing like praise to feed the muse.

So write, post on September 1, and then comment on everyone else's. Let's get writing again!

(Cross-posted to comms and my IJ.)

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